Hello! My name is Shelley...

I love capturing priceless memories for my clients to cherish for years to come. And nothing brings me more joy than getting to share them with you! 

When I'm not behind my camera, I enjoy spending the day browsing Pinterest for craft ideas, practicing my calligraphy, painting, or shopping for even more houseplants to fill my home with. I'm also a super huge nerd! I adore Marvel comics and movies, Harry Potter is still one of my all time favorite book series (I am such a Hufflepuff!), and I could be completely content spending the whole evening watching action movies and browsing Netflix.

I am head-over-heels in love with my incredible husband, Joe!  We’ve been together for 10 years now, and married for 6, but we still like to think of ourselves as newlyweds. Weekly date night is always the highlight of our week — a never ending quest to discover all the most delicious restaurants in Portland (we're total foodies)! After a long day of editing and staring at my computer screen I look forward to making a yummy cocktail (mojito, please!), relaxing on our couch, and cuddling up with our sweet little pet bunny rabbit named Fred!

I am a perfectionist by nature, and extremely detail oriented. What you see on my website is what you receive as a client of mine. I want every image you get from me to be the best it can be, so I hand-edit every single image myself. And if I see a single hair slightly out of place while we're shooting, you can be sure I will stop and run towards you to fix it. I may be picky… but it’s only because I want you to look your best!

If you like some or all of these things, we just might be a great fit for each other. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi! I would truly love to hear from you.

Talk to you soon!

Shelley Marie

Fun Fact: I started shooting film back in high school and went on to get my degree in photography at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies in Florida. After graduation, I moved to Portland, Oregon & officially started my business in 2012.

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