Featured on the The Well Groomed Groom

Today I would like to direct your attention toward this dashingly handsome groom, because today, Dane & Kirsten's gorgeous barn wedding is being featured on The Well Groomed Groom!! It's always such an honor to have your work recognized, but it's even more exciting when it's of some of your very favorite clients! Dane & Kirsten are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet and they put so much hard work into planning out all the little details of their wedding. It's no wonder The Well Groomed Groom couldn't wait to feature it on their blog! Love this couple so much. 

A big thank you to everyone at The Well Groomed Groom for choosing to publish my work. I'm so excited! Click the link to see their full feature >> here.

To see more images from this breathtaking wedding you can also view my original blog post of Dane & Kirsten's wedding. >> here.

Featured on The Coordinated Bride

Daniel & Andrea's mimosa-themed engagement party was so beautifully detailed, I just knew it was bound to get published! I am thrilled to announce that today their party is being featured by The Coordinated Bride Blog. Click the link to see their full feature >> here.

A big thank you to everyone at The Coordinated Bride for choosing to publish my work! I couldn't be more excited. :)

Portland Newborn Photography - Baby Sam

Sam's family has had quite the incredible journey bringing Sam into this world. His daddy, Jess, is in the Special Forces and he has worked so hard training to be one. Sam's parent's found out they were pregnant on the DAY OF his dad shipping off to pre-deployment training (talk about a surprise!!), and after training his dad had to fly overseas. It was a long and, I'm sure, stressful journey for Sam's momma, all those months not knowing where her husband was and hoping that he was safe. Meanwhile, Jennifer was playing the part of super-mom -- being pregnant, working full time, and also taking care of their two other kids! But everything came crashing to a halt when Jennifer got a terrifying call. Jess had been shot overseas during a mission and suddenly mom's heart felt like it had stopped. Jess was immediately put on a plane back to the US, but his injuries were so severe that he had to have multiple surgeries along the way, stopping in different countries for each one. He finally made it home and was, thankfully, stable and okay. It would take many months of rehab and healing, but the silver lining was that he was home in time to see the birth of his baby boy. Jess was awarded with a purple heart and so, of course, in their newborn photos of Sam, we wanted to pay tribute to his father's long and difficult journey to come see him enter the world.

Thank you Jess for your incredible service, and sacrifice, as a part of the Special Forces. I am so thankful for your service, but I am also so happy to see you home safe and with your family again!