Wedding Questionnaire

Wedding Info
Formal Photo Preferences
Family Photo Preferences *
The standard family formal photos taken are as follows. Please check the images you would like captured on your wedding day. NOTE: It is very important that you consider time restraints when making your list of formal photographs. Please figure an average of 4 minutes per photo. It is absolutely vital that everyone who needs to be present for these photographs be there when we are ready to begin the session. In order to not waste time looking for missing individuals please make sure to communicate this schedule to those you wish to participate in this session. Also, please have someone on hand who is very familiar with the members of your family to stand by and help organize and find the correct people for family photographs.
Please also list the full names of the individuals involved in each group.
Bridal Party Preferences *
The standard bridal party formal photos are taken as follows. Please check the images you would like taken on your wedding day. *Again, please average 4 minutes per large grouping.
Please list the groupings and names of the individuals involved below.
Planning Your Schedule
Are you planning on doing a First Look? (Recommended) *
Wedding Details
(i.e. items you hand made, family memorabilia, sentimental items, details unique to the bride and groom's personalities, etc.) P.S. I'll make sure to ask again closer to the wedding.
Special Events
Please check the events that will take place at your wedding:
(i.e. the groom will sing the bride a song at the alter, signing of the marriage certificate during ceremony, etc.)
Is it important to you that I photograph your reception area empty (before guests have entered it)? *
Just In Case...
(Hopefully we won’t have to use it, but it’s always good to plan ahead!)
The more info I have about your wedding, the more prepared I can be when photographing it.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. I look forward to photographing your wedding and helping make it a day you will always remember! 

See you soon!

Shelley Marie