Happy Thursday


Today, I was surprised with the flowers you see above. By who you ask? Oh, just the sweetest husband aliiiive! When I asked Joe what they were for he replied, "Happy Thursday!!" He, of course, had remembered that it was our 14th "Month-a-versary" of being married and decided to surprise me at lunch to give me flowers. He then proceeded to melt my heart even more by telling me that each flower had a specific meaning. Whaaaat! How cute is that?!?

When Joe went to Spellbound Flowers at Pioneer Square, the lovely lady at the cart began telling him how in the Victorian Era people would send personalized bouquets to the ones they were courting and through the flower's color, type and texture, each bouquet contained a unique message within it. She went through and explained the meanings of each flower in her cart and encouraged him to not just make a pretty bouquet, but one that had a true meaning. She asked him a little bit about the two of us so that she could pick out the perfect flowers. Joe said I was "sweet," that he "likes his food spicy," and that the flowers were to celebrate our 14th month of marriage. From this, she hand-picked the sweetest of the carnation varieties, as well as one that quite literally smells spicy (I never even knew those existed!!!). The two carnations are surrounded by classic romantic roses, but the color of the roses is significant too; yellow for friendship, fading into red for love. And finally, all the flowers are surrounded by fern...a foliage that withstands any weather; holding up through wind and rain, just like a great marriage. (Is your heart melting yet??)

So, for all the ladies out there who want a husband or boyfriend more than anything, my advise to you is: don't just settle for anyone! God answered my prayers, and I am so thankful to have this wonderful man as my husband; but I know, He can (and will) answer your prayers too! There are good guys still out there, and you should wait to find the one that treats you how you deserve--as a wonderful woman, beautiful inside and out. A man who surprises you, shows you love on a daily basis, and says "I love you" more times in a day than you could even count. When you find that guy...trust me, he's a keeper!


To Joe my love, thank you for the flowers :)  Xo.