A change in Film

I love film; there's no other way to say it. It started the very first time I stepped foot into my high school darkroom, and I've been fascinated with it ever since. I love it's tonal qualities, natural colors, and the softness it creates. It was during the months before my wedding, when I began looking for my dream wedding photographer, that I had a sudden epiphany. My images look nothing like all the photographers I admire and look up to! It suddenly occurred to me--almost all my mentors shoot with film! After years of studying the art of processing and developing film I abandoned it for the ease of digital photography yet, my heart still lies with that crunchy, grainy film that I first fell in love with. So with a new name change, and the fresh start of a new business, I have also decided to change up my editing style to emulate film. And who knows? I might even throw in a few shots of actual film!

Below are two versions of an image I shot at the beach a few weeks back--just a taste of my new editing style. Hope you like it!