This Is It....or is it?

Last night Joe and I went to see Michael Jackson....erm....I mean....Kenny Wizz's tribute tour of Michael Jackson History II. Suffice it to say we were BLOWN away. We heard that Kenny was good, but we had no idea how real he made it seem!! It was like Michael Jackson reincarnated! He was incredible! He sings, he dances, he has the iconic outfits, he does all of MJ's moves TO-THE-TEE, and even looks like him up close too! By the second song I was starting to think MJ hadn't died, he just changed his name! Sitting in our seats (and getting up to dance too!), it was like MJ was truly back to life. It's a definite must-see if the tour comes to your city!  Unfortunately, the theatre didn't allow me to bring my professional camera, but I couldn't help snapping a few images with my phone! You can barely see his face, but my goodness! It was like MJ had never left the stage!