Gicleé Prints & Barnwood Frames

Meet my newest fine art product: Gicleé Prints & Barnwood Frames!! Each of these beautiful signature art pieces is hand crafted by professionals. Every wooden frame is put together by hand with naturally weathered barnwood making each frame truly unique. Glass panels create a window effect and hold together a fine art print that looks like it is floating within it's frame. Your photograph is printed with high-definition archival inks on acid-free fine art papers and then their edges are hand-torn to add to it's rustic beauty.


Barnwood frames come with a custom-torn gicleé image already in it's frame, but individual prints may be purchased too.


Here's a closer look at each print's unique hand-torn edges. So neat! I love 'em!


Contact me for more info on pricing and how to order these beauties! I just can't get enough of them!
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New Sample Album!

It was 3pm in the afternoon. I tried to edit images for a bit and respond to a few emails but, no matter what I did, every few minutes I caught myself stealing glances at the front door. "When is it going to get here?!" I went back to my computer to check FedEx was definitely scheduled to arrive today. I paced the floor. Checked a few more emails. I got up to get a glass of water. I turned towards the kitchen and just as I rounded the corner the doorbell rang. My heart lept in excitement. "It's HERE!!"

If you follow me on Facebook you'll know that I recently ordered a new sample album to show you! And as you read above, I couldn't be more excited about it!! So here they are:

Each album is custom designed by me, and hand-made by my incredible, photographer-exclusive print providers. The cover has a printed image layout that wraps around the exterior of the entire album, with a matte photo finish that feels like velvet in your hands! Each album also arrives in it's very own linen storage box!


Every photographic page is printed at the highest quality and mounted onto thick board, making it much more sturdy than your average printed photo book. 


Another thing I love about these albums are their seamless gutters. Forget having a gap down the middle, or needing to design with the center-fold in mind! Album pages open up to lay flat, and have a barely-noticable crease, which allows you to print a photo as an entire two-page spread!


And not only are album pages exceptionally printed and beautiful to look at, but they are printed on linen felt paper, making them pleasant to touch too!


I pride myself on ordering only the best products for my clients, so you are sure to get quality products that last. Every album is Archival Quality, and will last 80-100 years for you and your family to enjoy.


So there you have it, my new sample album; shown in pictures, and described in words. But the truth is, photos and words simply don't do justice to how beautifully hand-crafted and well-made these albums are in real life! This is why, after each session, I make sure to meet with you, show you all of your beautiful images in person, sit with you as you pick out all your favorites, and bring samples of all my products so that you can touch and feel the quality of them in your hands! 

Contact me for more info on these products and how you can get some of your own! 

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Happy Monday! :)

Senior Signing Boards

You may remember a few weeks ago when I announced my new photo product: Standouts. Senior Signing Boards are a fun new spin on these. They are similar to square single standouts except instead of one photo displayed from edge to edge, these display four of your favorite photos on one board with white space around the edges for friends to sign! They are perfect for graduation parties where you can have them displayed on a table for your friends, family and loved ones to view and write personalized notes on. A yearbook will be placed on a shelf and rarely opened again, but Senior Signing Boards can be hung on your dorm room wall to remind you of where you came from and all the amazing people you've met along the way.  

Let me know what you think about this new product in the comments below!
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Most people know what a printed canvas looks like, but Standouts are the cool new thing on the block.... Literally! It's essentially a high-quality photo print, mounted to a lightweight block! Canvases have a classic texture to them that is truly unique, but can sometimes soften the image in doing so. Standouts are perfect for the person who loves to see every little bit of detail in their image! 

Standout  | Portland, Oregon Photographer |

Another great thing about Standouts are the variety of edges they can have! There is black, white, light wood, stainless steel, and my new personal favorite (pictured above), bamboo. 


Standouts are also extremely easy to hang with their super simple hanging system! Just hammer an nail into your wall, and the Standout practically levels itself! Easy peasy! I love it!