Shelley's Harry Potter 25th Birthday Party

Okay, Okay... I'll admit it. Back behind my girly, crafty self.... I am actually a super big nerd! I grew up as a part of the "Harry Potter generation," staying up late every year for J. K. Rowling's midnight book release (maybe even dressing up in costume now and again). Her books were captivating, and filled with imagination and stories of friendship and heroism. I remember hanging on every word, devouring each page she dreamed up and wrote down on paper. After each book release, I can't even count the amount of nights I stayed up late reading under my covers, flashlight in hand. Looking back, Harry Potter was, and always will be, a huge part of my childhood. 

So naturally, when my husband asked me what I wanted to do for my 25th birthday, the big "Quarter of a Century," I, without hesitation, exclaimed, "HARRY POTTER BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!" And to my delight, he said, "Okay." We spent weeks planning the whole thing and, as you can see, we got way too into it. Joe and I had a blast planning out all the HP themed snacks, beverages and games. Joe even designed custom signs and name tags for each item and bottle. Little details from each book decorated every wall of our house and people came dressed in their "house colors". We even designed an O.W.L.S. Exam for guests when they walked in the door containing trivia questions and a scavenger hunt. Paper versions of all 7 horcruxes were hidden around the house, which they had to find before getting their exam graded by "Headmaster Joe" (Did I mention he gets the "best husband award"?!). Harry Potter movies played in the background and, for those over 21, there was a "Potions Class" station. Follow the directions and you might just brew up a delicious cocktail. 

In all, it was by far the best birthday I could have ever asked for. It's not very often an adult wants to have a Harry Potter Birthday Party, but believe me, it was well worth the wait. 


I promise these "Owl Droppings" were just chocolate truffles! Next to them are chocolate-filled croissant "Wizard Hats." Yum!

The section of the party I may be most proud of: Potions Class. Customized potions dreamed up by me and Joe. Each potion bottle contained the ingredients for different mixed drinks. When "brewed" correctly they made either a Cherry Cosmopolitan or a Mint Mojito! 


Actually just maraschino cherries & mint leaves...

We even photoshopped me into this DA member photo as one of our decorations. See me in the birthday hat!?

Our customized O.W.L.S. Exams! Trivia questions by me, designed and graded by "Headmaster Joe" 

My parent's gift to me, my very own Marauder's Map!!

Below are the 7 horcruxes hidden around the house:

I couldn't help putting Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom! Printed on transparency paper so she would be ghost-like. ;)

Customized Educational Decrees designed by my amazing husband!:

And how sweet are these gifts from my friends!? I love that they kept the theme. :) Thanks Dani & Niki!

Also, thanks to Hannah & Sam for my adorable "Herbology" plant & too-awesome-for-words driftwood deathly hallows necklace!!!

And lastly, thank you Joe for making my birthday dreams come true.
You're the best husband in the whole wide world and I couldn't have done it without you!
Best. Birthday. Ever!