Baby Ayla - 1st Year Cake Smash

Last year I photographed little Ayla's newborn session. It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed since then. Ayla's momma wanted to shoot a family session followed by a "cake smash" to celebrate her birthday. Ayla's mom even went all out, getting all sorts of styled props for little Ayla's mermaid-themed session. Unfortunately... Ayla wanted no part in it. We set everything up in Hoyt Arboretum, set Ayla down, and she immediately starting bawling as soon as we put her near the cake. Her parents tried their hardest to show her how yummy her birthday cake was, but little Ayla just wasn't having it. Her demeanor deteriorated quickly and we eventually gave up, planning to try again in my studio a few days later. Despite her having one of the most precious mermaid-themed cakes I've ever seen, Ayla despised her birthday cake at my studio too. She wouldn't even try the icing without crying. Lynette had the brilliant idea that perhaps with the cute cake design, Ayla just wasn't connecting that the cake was something to eat. We quickly grabbed a spoon from the kitchen and tried feeding it to her that way, and to all our surprise, instead of getting messy with her hands she continued eating with her spoon like the proper little princess that she is. What followed are some of the most adorable cake smash photos I have ever taken. Everything from her sweet smiles, her faces of disgust, to her sugar-induced food-coma; her range of emotions through out these sessions are hilarious. This sweet little cutie pie has stolen my heart, and I think she'll steal yours too. Enjoy!

The Party Begins


Take Two