Baby Ayla - Portland Newborn Session

Little Ayla was just 10 days old when I photographed her and her beautiful family. Lynette & Omar are such a gorgeous couple, it’s no wonder little Ayla turned out so cute!! Grandma’s from both sides traveled long distances to see their first grandchild from Omar & Lynette, and to be a part of Ayla’s newborn session. It was refreshing to see extended family so close-knit, and happy just to be together. What a wonderful and sweet family you have. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Little Ayla is so very lucky to have you all!


Alona - Portland Newborn Photography

Meet Alona. The poo princess.

I got to photograph Alona's older sister, Abigail, last year back when she was a newborn, and let me say, these two are a feisty bunch! All within the first couple hours of Alona's newborn session, Abigail had burped up milk all over the stairs, Alona pooped 3 separate times, yellow goo oozing through her mesh swaddling wraps (and 3 layers of blankets), and narrowly escaped peeing on my camera. After many cleanups, wet-wipes, and background changes later, we were finally successful in getting her to fall peacefully asleep....which lasted about 5 minutes, until she comically pee'd and woke herself back up. 

I guess that's what I get for wanting to photograph naked babies!! Nonetheless, Alona was a doll, just like her sister, and I am overjoyed with the beautiful portraits we were able to capture of her!