The Amazing World of Martha Zschock

Two medium sized flat rate boxes showed up on my doorstep a few months ago. They weren't too big so I attempted to pick them both up at the same time. Bad idea. The size of their exterior was definitely not proportional to the weight of the contents inside, not to mention my arm strength is pathetic. Nevertheless, I dragged them inside, one by one, excited to see what was inside. What was inside you ask? Oh they were just filled to the brim with A BUNCH of children's books!! 

A few months ago a woman named Martha Zschock contacted me about wanting to spruce up her website with some new photos. She is a fantastic children's author in Cape Cod who has made it her mission to teach kids through the books she writes and illustrates. What a talented woman!! Each page of her books is filled with knowledge about different states and adorable little characters who bring each place to life!

After talking with her for a while, she revealed that she really wanted to re-design her whole website as well which, lucky for her, is my husband's area of expertise! She sent me her books so I could photograph them, and my husband got to work on building her new website. It took a few months to set it all up and publish it online, but Martha's website has never looked so good! 

Below are just a few of the images I captured for her, but be sure to go check them out on her brand new site too!

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